This is a unique Business Plan activity wherein the student groups are encouraged to conceive and execute a business proposition practically. They set up stalls within the campus of the CMS Science and Commerce and sell their products to the prospective customers. At the end of the day the students have to submit their income and expenditure statements and give a presentation on their plan, incubation to close. The best plan with profit is given a prize. The students learn the techniques of business in a competitive set up and the art and science of working for profits.

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Changes are an everyday affair in the Corporate world. These changes are discussed in classes and in forums. Such an activity is accomplished through the brainstorming programme where students spell out the advantages and disadvantages of key strategic moves by the government and the Business that influence future performance.

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This is an on campus activity that gives focus on the knowledge and presentation skills of the student. Current trending business topics are presented through seminars and discussion sessions among the students under the guidance of a Professor. The best presenter will be awarded a prize.​​



Guest Lectures are organized regularly in the campus delivered by Corporate executives. This gives the student an insight into the happenings in the practical side of the industry.

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Value added certificate programme is conducted for the students in collaboration with industry. Outside experts offer a short duration programme for the students that is relevant to the management practice. This adds value to the students' resume.

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Academic Seminars both National and International are conducted by CMS IMS involving senior academicians and students. Latest trending topics are discussed through paper presentations. The seminar proceedings would be archived as a journal for future reference. The MBA students are encouraged to present papers at seminars and conferences conducted by both IMS and other institutions.

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The MBA students' association functions under the banner of IMPACT. The elected student office bearers are designated as CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and CAO (Chief Administrative Officer).  This association organizes many programmes for the students within and outside the campus. The newsletter is prepared by the students which incorporates all the events conducted at the campus during the academic year. The IMPACT association also coordinates the placement activities at the campus reporting to the Placement Officer

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This activity is directed at sharpening the Corporate adaptation skills of the final year MBA students. It is a three residential day camp organized outside the campus for the student teams. Case discussions, management games, personality lectures, current affairs & concept quizzes are conducted to brush the students’ knowledge of both subject and general.

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To increase the understanding and conversing ability of the student in the English language, the students are given exercises in the language lab which is  set up in the campus. This makes them have an advantage when it comes to campus placements.

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The MBA students are taken on industrial visits in and around Coimbatore that exposes them to real time manufacturing and business activities. They interact with the executives during their visit and subsequently submit a report on their visit.

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Workshops giving  academic inputs on research, information technology, ERP, Capital markets etc., are conducted in the campus to add knowledge to the students. These workshops are conducted by professionals from Corporate thus giving additional academic inputs to the students.

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Two International tours ( one in each year of study) are part of the curriculum for the 2019-21 batch. The destinations are planned in such a way that the student gets an international exposure about industrial trends in the  countries visited as well as an insight into the life and styles of  the people in that country. The student returns with an ambition to work a small stint at least in the country visited.

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This is a seven day personality development camp conducted in Karl Kubel Institute near Coimbatore, a serene and calm destination, ideal for such programmes.

This activity focuses on team work and winning. Rigorous  daily activities starting with yoga in the morning at 6 , followed by quiz, business games, research project and presentation, personal selling, sports & games, paper presentation, best manager contest and  finally cultural activity at 11 pm ensures a fully packed day at the end of which extensive learning and physical endurance are tested. Attractive cash prizes are offered to the winning team and individuals.

This has been a continuous activity for the MBA students for the past 20 years.

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The campus is a fully green and environment friendly campus. The students are encouraged to keep it clean and tidy. Importance is given to the Swachh Bharat mission of the government. Nearby villages are identified and the students are involved in spreading required education and counseling to the community. This operates at CMS IMS under the name of SUPA (Socially Useful and Productive Activities)

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Modules covering Resume Writing, Group Discussion, Interview skills , Corporate adaptability skills, self confidence, team work etc. are organized  for the students to increase their employability. These sessions are conducted by in house and external faculty and  trainers.

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CMS Institute of Management Studies focuses on International business exposure for the students and Faculty members. The institution had conducted an International Workshop in Malaysia on the theme ‘International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research Innovations in Science, Engineering, Management & Humanities’ from July 4th to 7th July 2018. More than 100 participants attended the conference and presented papers. 

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National tours are also part of the curriculum for the MBA students 2019-2021 batch. One tour every year gives a break for the students from the routine class life. This helps the students to understand the life and culture in other parts of the country. An industrial visit is also included in the tour to expose to the students to a Manufacturing or Marketing Corporate of repute. On return the students are required to submit a report on their industrial visit.

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